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For Intimidating Konos… CSL Blasts Victor Foh


For Intimidating Konos… CSL Blasts Victor Foh

The US based Concerned Sierra Leoneans (CSL) has taken a swipe at the appointed Vice –President of Sierra Leone, Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh for intimidating and insulting voters ahead of parliamentary bye election in Kono.
The VP has come under a barrage of criticism the world over following the release to the public of his insult laden audio on the Kono people.
Ambassador Foh’s insult and intimidation came during his recent campaign trip to Gorama Kono Chiefdom, Constituency 025 in Kono district, where a Parliamentary bye election is due.
The former APC scribe threatened Kono voters in a widely circulated audio that they will have themselves to blame for the underdevelopment of their area if they vote for the opposition SLPP candidate in the coming bye election.
The appointed VP is heard saying in that audio: “If you chose to be an SLPP, be an SLPP…. So if you have bad roads…that is your business…if you have no water supply that is your business.”
As if that was not enough, Ambassador Foh went on to describe the Konos as bad people who find pleasure in backbiting themselves.
In his initial reaction, CSL Chairman, Mustapha Wai described those remarks as outrageous and an act of intimidation.
He told Global Times in an interview yesterday that CSL will let Sierra Leone’s development partners know that the ruling APC is taking development only to areas that vote for the party.
“We believe that donor funds should not be used in that way, especially US tax payers money”, Mr. Wai said, adding that CSL is due to hold a meeting soon with officials of the US State Department.
“CSL is also going to investigate the distribution of development initiatives and funds to determine whether there is any evidence of ‘vote trading’ for development in Sierra Leone. We will present the findings to development partners and demand strict conditions on donations for development”, Mr. Wai concluded.

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