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Freetown Mayor Humiliated


Freetown Mayor Humiliated

By Minkailu Turay…………..
The Mayor of the Freetown Municipality, His Worship Franklyn Bode Gibson and his Councilors may be licking their wounds after their proposed ban on Petty Trading on Fridays and Sundays was abruptly cancelled at the eleventh hour on Thursday evening by an executive order from State House. Also, as if the cancellation of the ban was not enough to embarrass the City Father, State House again went ahead at the same time to lift the existing curfew imposed by the Freetown City Council (FCC) on petty trading from 6pm-7am daily.
The cancelation of the two FCC initiated programmes to help cut down the rate of Ebola transmission in the city was greeted with jubilation by petty traders in the Freetown City Centre. Many accused Mayor Bode Gibson of undermining the government to pave way for the opposition noting that traders form an integral part of the voting population for the ruling APC party in Freetown.
On two occasions past Friday, the Municipal Police known as “City Council Police” walking on foot along Garrison Street and Abacha Street were loudly booed at.
It was reported on the following Saturday that many City Council Police found it very difficult to pass through some major streets in Central Freetown congested with traders in their uniforms. “This lone action has deflated all the council programmes in Freetown” said a senior council officer.
Meanwhile, many observers say, the action taken by State House to support the traders was politically motivated without the least regard for the prevailing deadly scourge which prevalence FCC was helping to contain.

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