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Fugitive APC Minister Arrested


Fugitive APC Minister Arrested

After evading Police arrest for several weeks, the former Resident Minister East, Karamoh Kabba was finally nabbed by officials from the CID (Criminal Investigations Department) Headquarters in Freetown yesterday.

Karamoh Kabba ran out of luck yesterday when he went to a local radio station to grant an interview on President Bio’s first one hundred days in office.

CID personnel confirmed that, Mr. Kabba had refused to attend to a Police invitation on several occasions. “We had been looking out for him…His whereabouts were unknown to the Police…Each time we get a tip-off about his whereabouts, he changes his location… We were fortunate to finally locate him yesterday in the offices of a local radio station in Freetown…. We want him to help us with investigations into a cannibalized government vehicle found in a garage… We understand that he was the one using that government vehicle when he was the Resident Minister in the Eastern Region”, CID personnel told the Global Times yesterday.

Mr. Kabba posted on social media yesterday that he had never been in hiding. He said if the Police had made efforts to contact the APC Party head office in Freetown they would have located him.

As part of their investigations, CID personnel said they would apply for more time to enable them to continue to interrogate Mr. Kabba. “Since he is a flight risk, we might keep him under protective custody until our investigations are completed”, a senior Police investigator told the Global Times.

Investigations continue.


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