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Government Vehicles Seized


Government Vehicles Seized

By Sorie Fofana……….

It beggar’s belief that some people relieved of their duties by the President still continue to hold on to official vehicles assigned to them by the government. In the process, their successors either use their private vehicles to go to work or have had their institutions hire vehicles for them on a weekly basis. The government should come out openly and denounce such a criminal act.

We have seen it happen at SLRA, where a senior official has allegedly refused to return his official vehicle even after he was sacked “with immediate effect” by the President. The same thing is happening at NCP (National Commission for Privatisation).

Some of these sacked officials continue to argue that, until the full Cabinet is announced, they will not return their official vehicles. One of them is even bluffing around town that he will be appointed Minister of Finance, just because he is a good friend of the President.

We dare say that, the government should move swiftly and retrieve all government property in the possession of sacked government officials (be they Cabinet Ministers or Commissioners or heads of parastatals).

Some of them have even continued to argue that, they will not return their official vehicles until all their outstanding benefits are paid. What brazen arrogance!

This is all the more reason why we continue to call on the government to clarify certain issues to avoid confusing the general populace.

There is no justification for people sacked from public offices to continue to hold on to government property just because they have been promised a new job either in the Cabinet or at diplomatic level.

We, therefore, urge President Koroma to speed up his review of the performance contracts, and, announce his full Cabinet in earnest.

This practice of seizing government property must cease now!

Thank you!

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