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GRAIN OF TRUTH: Chernor Bah: Man of Destiny


GRAIN OF TRUTH: Chernor Bah: Man of Destiny

By Rev. S.M. Williams

To be plucked out of several eligible youths for appointment to the second highest position in the land cannot be by a fluke. It can only come after a long hard look at the scenario. On his assumption of power President Koroma had vowed to lay down his life for the youths metaphorically and it would appear that Chernor has just fitted into that desideratum. He seemed to be aware that “The strength and safety of a community consist in the virtue and intelligence of its youth especially of the young men-J, Hawes.

Chernor aka Chericoco has not achieved his present status by sudden flight. Like other achievers it did not come to him on a golden platter. He must have swotted for it. And his swotting has paid off. In the first place he may not be the youngest Member of our Parliament ever but he may be the youngest Deputy Speaker ever who has served fittingly as Acting Speaker on a number of occasions.

I wouldn’t know by what philosophy Chernor was guided between the two philosophies of predestination and non-predestination. Rene Descartes wrote” That God has foreordained everything is self-evident. Sallust wrote” Every man is the architect of his own fortune. Whatever it is youths should embrace the latter philosophy for progress and abandon the cliché that “everytin nar God”. Moreover we should realize that if ‘everytin nar God”. Our creator would not have endowed us as free moral agents.

In a country where tribalism has become a bane Chernor has been playing the role of a unifier regardless of tribe. Incidentally he comes from the Fullah tribe whose members straddle Sierra Leone and Guinea giving the mistaken idea to some uninformed Sierra Leoneans that Fullahs are not Sierra Leoneans. In fact it is colonialism that is to blame in their arbitrary delineation of colonial boundaries. They have been as Sierra Leonean as the Temnes and Mendes and there is no Sierra Leonean in living memory who did not hear of the ubiquitous Fullahs. They could be found in all parts of the country even in the deep south with their little shops. They are still providing menial tasks almost exclusively like shoe shine boys as well as massive business enterprises including pharmacies and transport. Fullahs do not only belong to the All Peoples Congress (APC). They are also prominent in the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) notably the Timbo family.

The Hon. Chernor Bah (may his tribe increase) is a philanthropist in his own right. He can be singled out as the only parliamentarian in the Western Area who could donate upwards of Le53million to his constituents for development at a time when other parliamentarians grumble that their Le62 million for constituency development is not enough. I don’t know what the Koran says but the Bible states in Galatians 6:7 “Don’t be deceived; God is not mocked for whatever a man sows that he will also reap. Chernor is reaping what he has been sowing and now for his good deeds he is being catapulted by God to higher heights

Upward mobility

The two previous Vice Presidents before Chernor have not had happy endings but it is known that the exception proves the rule. And talking about Vice Presidencies the Vice Presidency of Albert Demby did not end well while Solomon, Berewa almost clinched the presidency. With tenacity Chernor Bah may land the Presidency of this country dei gratia (by the grace of God).


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