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Grain Of Truth: Exemptions From The Paopa Trunk Road Toll


Grain Of Truth: Exemptions From The Paopa Trunk Road Toll

By: Rev. S. M. Willams.

Patriotic citizens would keep wondering why the old road that leads from Freetown to Masiaka has not been rehabilitated. Are they giving us the impression that the road is beyond rehabilitation? I think not. It is more likely to think that it is because there will be no kick-backs and other corrupt practices.

The timing of the construction is most likely to give political mileage to the APC regime. That was ham-fisted thinking. They did not think of the seamy side. And now they are going to get the kick back they did not conceive of i.e. REJECTION of the anti-people so-called agreement instead of cash or kind.

We have heard of such blunders by British Leaders and it would appear that now is the turn of Sierra Leone. The boomerang effects are near. It’s a pity that our politicians cannot use their foresight in spite of the disastrous examples before them.



It is curious to learn that the parliamentarians who are attempting to land us in the mess of exorbitant toll paying took great care to exempt themselves from the tolls. By that abhorrent act they are about to constitute themselves into professional non-tax payers. What can be the rationale behind the exclusion? It is none other than an attempt to ameliorate the opulent and impoverish the indigent. Just why should parliamentarians who earn several times more than the average wage earner pay less? It seems contrary to reason. In fact they should not only be exempt but they should pay more along with the Ministers who were left out because they are not in the law making business. See the extent to which selfishness can bite even among people of the same ilk? When you consider the number of unlimited vehicles in the convoys of the President and Vice President you can best imagine what the country will be losing in tolls and therefore from the five percent due to us.

Never mind they think the hewers of wood and drawers of water will pay and remain as they are till doomsday. This is why education has been neglected over the years.

Keep them ignorant! Every rule has an exception but too many exceptions spoil the rule.

It will be most unfair for vehicles returning empty from the provinces to pay the same tolls as when they were laden which is why the exorbitant charges should be drastically scaled down.

Scrapping off the tar from roads that had only been recently tarred is simply wasteful. The APC is the party that mindlessly phased out the railway that could have been given a wider gauge without the need for toll gates. That is one of the earlier ‘Agendas for Prosperity of the APC. They led the nation up the garden path as they are still doing.

No manner of sabi tok can take out of the quagmire into which we have been catapulted by a self-serving government save a drastic review of the CONCESSION Code named AGREEMENT. We sef sabi tok. It should not be like the law of the Medes and Persians which is inviolable. No way. We are in distant Sierra Leone. Umpteen years of counterfeit democracy by the APC has brought us to the nadir in which we find ourselves today. May the good Lord give us a new humane COUNTRY LEADER who will not be a property grabbing mercenary and who will be God fearing.


Amen and Amen.

It is understandable for individual citizens to be lawless due to drugs and other kindred factors but when a whole elected government decides to be rule-of-law breaking it is high time to stop it in its tracks. Running a state like a business for profiteering and personal aggrandizement is unacceptable. In a tete-a-tete with a petty trader he shockingly said that most of the citizens in the country who are not well connected will find condition in hell just a shade different from these in Sierra Leone these days, a satire on APC governance. And the man was right.

Many of those who are scum of the country would regret having been born in Sierra Leone but what could they do? Emigrate to Europe or Kuwait in search of greener pastures? The fact is that the pastures are not greener in Sierra Leone because the APC government has not been using more manure.

The people are being reduced to despair and discontent because of the decay of the principles in which the APC was founded. From August the people will begin their toll journeys to Eldorado (APC edition). This is the comeuppance of the 4 for 4 for which there were wild scenes of joy during the last national elections. A nemesis is catching up with them.


In lieu of their promised nirvana the APC is being poured out by the populace like a drink offering. This time round sycophancy is not going to hold sway. I have in mind a radio program in which Christo Johnson was being queried for referring to the Head of State as Mr. Ernest Koroma.

That was the height of sycophancy that is responsible for letting our leaders do whatever they wish with reckless abandon while we flatter on. The undemocratic APC has presented us with Hobson’s choice albeit there was an existing old road which has been abandoned owing to the party’s notorious lack of maintenance culture. It’s high time we threw away the putative banner which reads “This is the golden APC age” and replace it with “We are staring into the abyss”.

Let me end by my usual barge into the supernatural as if it does not exist. I seem to envision a paradigm shift of the Holy Spirit gradually impacting on Satanic Power. Let all believers in the Almighty hope that we shall overcome. God save Sierra Leone.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who commended me for my article titled “Toll for the Peoples Burial” but I have no thanks for those who damned me all because of the GRAIN OF TRUTH that I penned. The latter were vicariously goading me to sink my pen deeper into blue vitriol.

Those who criticize should not be regarded as enemies of state. The real enemies within are the odious sycophants whose praise singing is retrogressive. if all of us have the same opinion what an awkward world that   would be! In developing nations husband and wife as well as their children could belong to different parties without rancor. But it is not so in these parts where our mentalities are still developing. Some of our sycophants are not different from jihadists who kill others only because they have different opinions.

We are as different in our opinions as we are in our finger prints, physiognomies, voices, characters etc. if so why should our opinions be the same?

When the present government used to be in the opposition they criticized and even reviled the SLPP government.

Now the boot is on the other leg and the gait is different. They deem themselves infallible and incorrigible. Let the myopic ones put on the Hyde of hypos.


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