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GRAIN OF TRUTH: The Thrust Of Rev. Marie Yansaneh’s Message To The APC


GRAIN OF TRUTH: The Thrust Of Rev. Marie Yansaneh’s Message To The APC

By Rev. S.M. Williams’

Out of the blue comes the Hon. Rev. Marie Yansaneh a late comer for the flag bearership of the APC but not a late comer in membership. She is the second woman to bid for the leadership of the party which is a healthy sign for gender balance. One would wish that more women could have stepped forward instead of confining themselves in the other room. The balance is severely lopsided in favor of male contenders.

The Rev. Lady has laid bare her Curriculum Vitae not only to the APC but to the public at large which was rather impressive even by rival detractors. Incidentally rival candidates have been using hired idlers to be pouncing on others mainly through the electronic media.

According to her C.V. she is not one of those eager-beaver candidates whose only ulterior motives are to move from zero to “wealtho” in corruption. Marie is self made having served in the public service and having been jailed in the cause of the APC. Not only that. She has even helped the APC through her siblings abroad. She averred that she could cope even with candidates who are dishing out money and things.


The cliché that “nothing attempted nothing done” applies in Yansaneh’s attempt. She has not been daunted by all the illustrious sounding names and money splashers. She has guts in her brain to undertake such an herculean task. It is very likely however that lack of support from her own gender is going to prove her undoing. This seems to be the trend that affected Mrs. Zainab Bangura in her earlier bid for the presidency. This is one area in which the incompetent Attitude and Behavioural Change Secretariat could have proven to be effective but is remains to be seen. My hunch is that the more things change in the ABC the more they remain the same.

On the question of old-timers and new-comers in the APC Rev. Yansaneh did not sound convincing. Length of membership is not necessarily a winning plank judging by recent events around the globe. As a former professional media practitioner she should have gleaned lessons from Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron that that is no longer a Trump card. Rather her steadfastness and loyalty in the party should stand out. Her age is no barrier when you consider Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is obviously older.

She was at pains to absolve President Koroma from the action of his advisers whom she accused of misleading him. But for one thing no one is constrained to implement the advice of another. For another, a fish starts to get rotten from the head. The President can hire and fire as he pleases but he keeps retaining sinecures and sycophants in his cabinet and so he shares the greatest responsibility.

The main gripe of the Rev. Yansaneh was on the question of SELECTION/AND/ OR ELECTION. She is doggedly against the idea of SELECTION which she deems to be undemocratic. And it looks like she is likely to quit the party if the candidacy is done by selection. It can also guessed that Rev. Yansaneh will not be going away alone if at all. She will certainly go along with lots of baggage carriers who will not add to the membership of the APC. This is likely to set in train a wave of defections that may not leave the APC in one piece. Already the APC is going to be faced with the SLPP, a possible coalition and others.

This is the same way in which they have been pampering the petty traders along the main streets of the central business district all with a view to finding favour with them for voting purposes. They would not canvass on genuine manifestos but by indulgences for the 70 percent illiterates. And this is why the incumbent government is not sincere about education but is hoodwinking the populace by setting up commissions after commissions.

When any institution or organization assumes the posture of infallibility it is time to pose the question where that infallibility comes from. What we do know is that to err is human but the APC evinces perfection in all their ways. What is being done in this piece is a rehashing of what has been written before to a pig headed regime. They are too sure of their 99 tactics. Pensioners are paid Le22,000 a month by this inhuman regime. Johnny Paul Koroma is the best Koroma we don’t have.

Fortune favet fotibus (fortune favors the bold).


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