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Health Ministry Set To Tackle Cholera


Health Ministry Set To Tackle Cholera

By Joseph Milton Lebbie.

Lessons learnt from the Ebola outbreak clearly manifested that the Ministry of Health and Sanitation was woefully unprepared for the epidemic which took the country unawares.

The unpreparedness of the Health Ministry could have been the main reason why the epidemic fast spread across the country like wild fire in the Harmattan, killing four thousand people among them medical doctors and other health workers.

According to the Public Relations Officer in the Health Ministry, Solomon Rogers,  certain Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and medical organizations have been predicting an outbreak of Cholera and the Health Ministry has been preparing for any cholera outbreak.

Solomon Rogers, in an interview, told this press that the Ministry is now mobilizing resources, buying drugs and medical equipment in preparation for any Cholera outbreak.

“The Health Ministry is now always ready for any eventuality and will not allow any outbreak to take the country off her guard”, the PRO asserted.

Responding to the question of what the Health Ministry has so far done in the monumental landslide and flood disaster that has struck the country, the PRO informed that on the very day of the catastrophe, the Health Ministry provided over twenty ambulances to convey both the dead and the survivors and that, in collaboration with partners, the Ministry has been managing the cases of survivors by providing emergency medical treatment for them.

Mr. Rogers furthered that, through the Connaught Hospital Mortuary the Health Ministry was able to store all the hundreds of dead bodies till they were buried yesterday.

The Public Relations Officer concluded by commending the dynamic leadership of the Health Minister, Dr. Abu Bakarr Fofana, whose brilliant initiatives are now putting the Ministry on a good footing.


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