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Hisham Mackie Hits Back


Hisham Mackie Hits Back

In an exclusive interview, prominent diamond exporter and businessman, Hisham Mackie, who doubles as the Turkish Consul General in Sierra Leone, has described social media report that, he is the man behind the US$200m Karadeniz Powership contract as “categorically absurd”.

Mr. Mackie told the Global Times last night that, the allegation is outrageous and false. “I have no knowledge about the ship…Like many other people, I also read about it on social media…I am in no way involved with this contract”, Mr. Mackie emphasized.

Hisham Mackie

Mr. Mackie said that, his role as Turkish Consul General is to promote Turkish investments/businesses in Sierra Leone. “I wish I had been involved in this particular contract… As a businessman, I would have wished to be part and parcel of this project… But I am not”, Mr. Mackie said.

Mr. Mackie said that the social media article was intended to present him in an unfavorable light. “This report is ridiculous, false, trashy and completely outrageous”, he said.

Turkey has had an excellent bilateral relationship with Sierra Leone. During the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in May 2014, the Government of Turkey sent a plane-load of medicines and medical equipment to help the Government of Sierra Leone to eradicate the killer disease.

Recently, The Turkish Government sent a consignment of relief items to Sierra Leone, when a devastating mudslide displaced and killed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans.

Mr. Mackie called on social media commentators to always endeavor to cross-check and even fact-check any information before putting them out on the World Wide Web.


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