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Hon. Musa Tarawally Unites Muslim


Hon. Musa Tarawally Unites Muslim

The former Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Hon. Musa Tarawally has, of late, being very active in bringing Muslims together under one big roof.

Very recently, he organized one of the biggest Muslim gatherings at the Miatta Conference Centre in Freetown, which was attended by all the one hundred and forty nine Chiefdom Imams across the country. The four Regional Imams and the leaders of the three main Islamic organisations also took part in the meeting.

Hon. Musa Tarawally has been travelling across the four regions of the country, with a renowned Islamic scholar, Mufti Shaykh Yusuf Shabbir. The conference held in Freetown has been replicated in Bo, Kenema and is to be held in Makeni today.

At the Bo Central Mosque on Wednesday, Shayhk Yusuf Shabbir took part in the recitation of the Holy Quran.

All the Islamic organizations present at the gathering thanked President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for promoting religious tolerance in Sierra Leone.

The President of the Supreme Islamic Council thanked Hon. Musa Tarawally for bringing all the Islamic organizations together to pray for peace to continue to reign in the country.

Mufti Yusuf Shabbir thanked President Koroma for his remarkable support towards the promotion of Islam in Sierra Leone.

He called on Imams to dedicate their time to the teaching of the Holy Quran in their various Mosques. “We as Muslims must make Sierra Leone a God fearing and charitable nation…When a person and a nation become charitable, that person and that nation will prosper”. At the end of the ceremony, Hon. Musa Tarawally and Mufti Shabbir distributed gifts to the participants and food was also distributed among the poor and needy.

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