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“ I Am Ready To Govern” -John Sisay Says


“ I Am Ready To Govern” -John Sisay Says

In an exclusive interview, one of the leading flag bearer aspirants in the ruling APC Party, John Bonoh Sisay has told the Global Times that, he was well prepared to govern the country, if he gets the opportunity to lead the APC Party and win the Presidential elections in March next year.

Mr. Sisay told the Global Times that even though he has not served in government before, he understands clearly what the country needs. “I have a clear vision of what needs to be done to build on what President Koroma has already achieved”, Mr. Sisay said.

Mr. Sisay told the Global Times that, he intends to tackle corruption root and branch. “My approach will be different…I know where the leakages are and I know how to block those leakages”, Mr. Sisay said.

According to Mr. Sisay, if he becomes President in March next year, none of his Cabinet Ministers will fly First Class. “If you are appointed as a Cabinet Minister, you have to work very hard because you have performance benchmarks to meet within a specific time frame…If you fail to meet those benchmarks, you would be gone ….I will introduce a works ethics never seen in this country before…Lazy and unproductive people will have no space in my government”, Mr. Sisay said.


Mr. Sisay said that he would want to pay more attention to education, foreign direct investment, agriculture, health care and the social services.

Mr. Sisay said that, he wants to maintain a free press but would like to see the number of newspapers reduced drastically. “Sierra Leone does not need fifty or more newspapers…At least, we can have five or six or even ten big newspaper houses that are well equipped and professionally managed” he said.

He promised to review Part 5 of the Public Order Act and said that, there is no need to ban social media. “All we need to do is to regulate the use of social media…It is important for people to express themselves freely but responsibly too”, Mr. Sisay said.

Mr. Sisay noted that, the APC NAC will elect/select him as the Party’s flag bearer because they know that, “I am good for the country and the party”.

Mr. Sisay refused to comment on allegations of bribery and corruption at his former company, Sierra Rutile now Iluka. “I won’t comment on any issue that is not officially before me”, he said. “I don’t want to be distracted…I want to focus on my ambition to lead my party to successful elections in March 2018” Mr. Sisay said.

Mr. Sisay said that, “As a committed member of the APC party, I am willing to abide by any decision taken by the party’s NAC”.

He admitted that President Koroma is his cousin. “I respect him and I have tremendous regard for him and I am proud of what he has achieved so far as President of our great nation”.


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