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“I Owe No Apology To Anyone” ….AIG Memuna Jalloh


“I Owe No Apology To Anyone” ….AIG Memuna Jalloh

By Sitta Turay DeGreat.

On Tuesday’s July 10th 2018 and at the Sierra Leone Police Press briefing, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Memunatu Konteh-Jalloh said in a recalcitrant tone that she owes no “apology” to anyone in Sierra Leone for her alleged behaviour during the APC rule.

In the presence of both the Minister of Internal Affairs and his deputy, AIG Memuna was blushing while she reacted to a statement that she blocked President Bio from using Kissy Road during the march to the burial of late President Kabbah.

She said that she did block some rag tag bunch of people on that day in the execution of her duty but failed to accept that she was referring to President Bio.

It can be recalled that AIG Memuna was alleged to have been notorious of harassing opposition members during the APC rule.

It is also alleged that she made unprintable utterances against the SLPP and present President Brig. Rtd Julius Maada Bio. It is even alleged that she made a promise to retire from the police force if President Bio wins. That was said to have been because she never believed President Bio will win any election in Sierra Leone.

A large number of people of this country are narrating (allegedly) that AIG Memuna even suppressed junior officers that she suspected to be sympathizers of the SLPP and President Bio.

The said press conference was conveyed by the Sierra Leone Police to respond to the damning report of Amnesty International on the performance of the Police.

In the Amnesty Report, it is alleged that, the Sierra Leone Police has been deliberately breaching human rights and using excessive force on the people of the country.

In the same report, it is recommended that the Sierra Leone Police be excluded in any International Peace Keeping Mission which includes the United Nations, the African Union and ECOWAS.

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Lahai Laurence Leema, in his response to the Amnesty report, promised that, the police will be reformed and encouraged to be professional.

He promised that the SLPP government will ensure that the Sierra Leone Police is apolitical but very professional.  Laurence Leema himself being a victim of police brutality was reminded of it when he was so treated by this writer.

At question time, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Dr. Al-Sheik Kamara conspicuously excused himself from the press briefing. It is suspected that he was dodging questions that may be directed at him concerning his loyalty to the present government and President Julius Maada Bio.


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