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IGR Launches Citizen’s Manifesto


IGR Launches Citizen’s Manifesto

The Institute for Governance Reform (IGR) on Saturday launched the first ever citizen’s manifesto at an impressive program held at the Miatta Conference Centre in Brookfields.

The manifesto which has the Theme: “My Vote, My Life”, developed through consultation with citizens across the country was jointly launched on behalf of the IRG and the citizens at large by Sheikh Abu Bakarr Conteh and Archbishop Edward Tamba Charles.

In their joint statement, the two religious heads highlighted recommendations proffered in the manifesto including the call  for the provision of logistics to the security forces and increase in budget allocation to the PPRC to support political parties to develop policies and programs that would promote women, youth and the disabled in the country.


Earlier, MNJD Executive Director, Abu Brima read the bullet points on the citizen’s manifesto which included asset declaration, 40% allocation of Parliamentary seat to women, 15% to youth and 5% to the disabled.

The manifesto also called for political actors to manage the country’s natural resources well so that the people can benefit from it and to include citizen’s share in mining and agriculture, to transparency and accountability issue and to development of policy that would promote national cohesion and development.

Also included in the Citizen’s Manifesto is the call for the next government to fast track the constitutional process to standardize the country’s law to greatly enhance democracy and development.

IGR Executive Director, Andrew Lavalie who was visibly happy with the outcome of the manifesto launch told Global Times that he hopes political players would take seriously the recommendations contained in the manifesto for the general good of the country.

Members of the diplomatic community, politicians, civil society activists and citizens attended the program.


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