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Imams Get Le3 Billion


Imams Get Le3 Billion

By Sylvester Samba.

Muslim worshippers, particularly Imams, deputy Imams and other essential staff working for various mosques in all 14 Chiefdoms across Moyamba district have received a financial assistance of Five Million Leones each.

The money which benefited 750 Muslims who work as staff was made available and distributed by one of the world’s biggest Muslim organizations, Ummah Welfare Trust. The presentation of the money took place on Saturday 2nd February, 2019 at Moyamba Mini Stadium under the supervision of senior journalists from different media houses.

Making a statement before the handing over ceremony, the West Africa Coordinator for Ummah Welfare Trust, Mohammad Akhtar said his organization is purposely in the country to give assistance to their Muslim brothers and sisters, particularly Imams, deputy Imams and other staff serving in deferent mosques across the country.

Mohammad also said they gave the money to all 750 Masjid staff as a way of thanking them for working so hard in their respective mosques. He further explained to the beneficiaries that, the money given to them should not be shared, but only meant for them.

“The money you are here to receive should not be shared with any one…We are giving it to you as a way  of  expressing our thanks and appreciation for the hard work you have been doing and still continue to do over the years in your respective mosques”, he noted.

Mohammad thanked Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally for making the necessary arrangement for the money to reach the people.

Addressing the beneficiaries, Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally confirmed that, Ummah Welfare Trust has been officially registered in Sierra Leone. “I came in contact with them three years ago when I persuaded them to see reason to come to Sierra Leone to help the people, which they agreed…Just last year, Ummah Welfare Trust also helped Sierra Leonean Muslims in the country with over 1.3 Million Dollars”, Mr. Tarawally declared amidst standing ovation.

He also said, the main focus of the UK based Muslim organization is to help Muslim worshippers in Sierra Leone. Hon. Musa Tarawally pleaded and encouraged all of them to continue to serve God through Islam, adding that, even if they don’t see the benefit whiles they are alive, their children and grandchildren will receive the benefit. He further called on them to see the financial assistance given to them by Ummah Welfare Trust as a blessing from God. He noted that all Imams that were leading prayers with hungry stomach will immediately stop after they received their Five Million Leones each.

Mr. Tarawally maintained that he is very confidence that with such a huge amount of money distributed, Moyamba Imam will now become a very rich. He appealed to each and every beneficiary to make good use of the money by either doing  a business or enter into large scale farming so that the poverty will be seen as a thing of the past in Moyamba district. “The money we are giving to you is just the beginning amongst several supports, such as building mosques, electrifying existing mosques, building Islamic schools and providing them with boreholes…With the support of  God, together with Ummah Welfare Trust and my little support, there will be no poverty in the country”, he assured. He therefore called on all those present and other Muslims to take Islam very seriously.

Mr. Tarawally confirmed that more good things are coming for them. He wholeheartedly thanked President Julius Maada Bio for providing the enabling environment for Ummah Welfare Trust to register and operate in the country. He concluded by also thanking Ummah Welfare Trust for given such assistance to Sierra Leone and the Muslims in particularly.


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