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Is It About Fatima Bio Or Maada Bio’s Free Education?


Is It About Fatima Bio Or Maada Bio’s Free Education?

By Sheikh M. Bawoh.

The social media has a reputation as an emerging market place of ideas but its notoriety as a platform of falsehood, hate, slander and sheer madness is also well documented.

One such example of social media madness is the reaction of some people to a statement attributed to Mrs. Fatima Bio, wife of the SLPP Presidential candidate, Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio during her recent visit to a community school on the outskirts of Freetown.

In that statement, she is alleged to have promised to offer one hundred scholarships to pupils of that deprived community when her husband becomes President in less than five weeks from today. Her detractors now deem her statement to be contradictory of Maada Bio’s free education policy which has so far received huge endorsement in most parts of the country.

For the records, Maada Bio’s free education policy which has been resonating well with the people is likely to cover mostly tuition and probably uniforms for all primary and secondary school pupils across the country.

It is a common knowledge that even when a Bio government would have underwritten the cost of tuition and probably uniforms, parents and guardians whose children and/or wards are attending public schools particularly, would still have to contend with other related cost of education.

Therefore, if and when Bio’s free education is achieved other forms of scholarships are still needed to augment education cost particularly for those in rural and impoverished communities around the country.

So let’s say for instance that the free education doesn’t come with the provision of essential text books for core subjects and Mrs. Fatima Bio who already operates a children’s charity comes in handy-she, certainly would have been providing scholarship.

Better still, if she decides to procure foot wears in place of tuition for the one hundred pupils mentioned in her statement- it is a scholarship my friend.

The bottom line is because Mrs. Fatima Bio is the wife of the SLPP flag bearer Brig. Maada Bio doesn’t make her the official spokesperson for her husband.

I would rather social media commentators challenge Maada Bio himself on the timeliness, practicality and implementation or otherwise of his free education policy than concentrate on his wife.

The Maada Bio that I know is more than determined to make his flagship project happen when he is declared President on 7th March, 2018.


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