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Jack Lansana Heads Central Medical Stores


Jack Lansana Heads Central Medical Stores

Michael Jack Lansana, who is known famously for creating the National Pharmacy Board, has been appointed to act as Director of Drugs and Medical Supplies in the Ministry of Health, a position which automatically makes him head of the Central Medical Stores.

A Pharmacist, Mr. Lansana has a wide range of experience in the medical field having worked in the Ministry of Health in various capacities which included his leadership at Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone which he headed for many years in an exemplary way.

Mr. Lansana holds two Master of Science degrees from the universities of Bradford in the United Kingdom and Kharkov in the former USSR.

As Head of the Crown Agent created National Pharmaceutical Procurement Unit, Mr. Lansana successfully spearheaded the supply of drugs and medical services to provincial towns and the city during the Ebola crisis.

Using a new technique created by him, he was able to track down the movement of drugs and other medical equipment which prevented thefts of them.

Mr. Jack Lansana has a wide range of post graduate certificates from countries like Israel and the United States of America.

In an interview, Mr. Lansana said he will give his best in the new office to support President Bio’s New Direction.

“If we get things right in the health sector then we can get many things right in the country,” Jack Lansana said “And I am determined to make my office highly successful”.

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