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Jengo Stevens: The Elephant In The Room


Jengo Stevens: The Elephant In The Room

By Sorie Fofana…………….
Undoubtedly, Dr. Jengo Stevens has a long pedigree in the APC (All Peoples Congress party). Not only that he is the son of the Party’s founding father Dr. Siaka Stevens, he is also a senior member of the Party’s inner Cabinet (the National Advisory Committee). Therefore, his views on Party matters must not be treated lightly.
In his first letter to the Party, Dr. Stevens raised issues that are of legitimate concern to ordinary Party members and supporters. He wrote about party unity and indiscipline in the Party. These are issues that are quietly discussed at Party gatherings, up and down this country.
Indiscipline at the top of the Party’s hierarchy is a cause for concern to genuine party members and supporters. This is one of the issues that, Dr. Stevens mentioned in his letter to the Party.
Instead of responding to the concerns raised by Dr. Stevens, some people in the APC Party have started openly abusing the man and even accusing him of undermining the Party’s leadership. Dr. Stevens’ call for an open dialogue in the Party’s top hierarchy could not have been more timely. Who does not know about plans to expel the Vice President from the ruling Party? It has to be said that, any attempt to unjustifiably expel the Vice President from the ruling Party will lead to instability in the APC. The least the Party needs at the moment is chaos within its rank. Everything has to be done, to avert a chaotic situation in the APC.
The question has to be asked, why do you want to expel Chief Sam Sumana from the APC? The man’s genealogy in the Party is unquestionable. After all, Chief Sam Sumana has been a very loyal and dedicated member of the APC Party. So, why do you want to expel the man from a Party that his late father fought very hard to market in the Kono district? Is this the way to treat the children of those who died for the APC?
There is a popular saying in America; you can’t fix something that is not broken. Why do you want to create confusion in a party that has enjoyed relative stability for the past eight years? Removing Sam Sumana from any position he currently holds, will be disastrous for the Party’s stability. So, leave the man in peace. Afterall, Sam Sumana continues to suffer in silence. He has conducted himself very well, by refusing to publicly speak about the well-funded campaign to hound him out of office. He behaves like the big man that he is, reflecting his humble royal background.
Those who want to get rid of Sam Sumana should put the interest of the Party above their self-serving interests. Afterall, the APC is bigger than any one person. And nobody should create the impression that they are the Proprietors of this great Party, built out of the sweat of great men who served this country with sincerity and utmost dedication.
The succession fight in the APC has begun in earnest. There are many Jengo Stevens in the APC, waiting to strike at the right moment. Nobody will lead the Party forever! Afterall, nothing last forever.
APC – forward ever, backward never!

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