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Jengo Stevens Writes APC… Ambassador Yansaneh Reacts


Jengo Stevens Writes APC… Ambassador Yansaneh Reacts

In an exclusive interview with the Global Times yesterday, the National Secretary General of the ruling APC (All Peoples Congress) Party, Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh admitted that he had received three sets of letters, two of which were addressed to him as the Party’s scribe, from a senior member of the party, Dr. Jengo Stevens.
Ambassador Yansaneh admitted that, some of the issues raised in one of the letters (copied to the Party’s Chairman/Leader, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma) were of serious concern. He said the issues raised in Dr. Stevens’ letter will be discussed by the Party’s second highest policy making body, NAC (National Executive Committee).
According to Ambassador Yansaneh, the issues raised by Dr. Stevens, in his letter, were not for public consumption. “All or some of the issues will be debated at a NAC meeting… I have pointed out to Dr. Stevens that he should wait for the normal procedure to be followed in addressing such issues”, Ambassador Yansaneh said.
The APC Secretary General wondered how, a letter that was addressed to the party’s leadership could find its way into a newspaper office. “This is not the way we do things in the APC”, he emphasised.
He confirmed that Dr. Stevens had denied knowledge of the leak. “He has said to me that he has nothing to do with the leaking of the letter to the press”, Ambassador Yansaneh said.
Dr. Jengo Stevens (a senior member of NAC and the son of the former APC Leader, President Dr. Siaka Probyn Stevens) has condemned President Ernest Bai Koroma, for allegedly promoting indiscipline in the Party. “Never in the history of the APC have we seen appointed Cabinet Ministers publicly humiliating a sitting Vice President”, Dr. Stevens is reported to have said. The letter has been described as “a bombshell that will destroy the APC Party and its leadership”.
Lawyers for the Global Times are presently looking at the letter and will give their professional advice insofar as its publication is concerned.

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