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JJ Saffa Shows Road Map To Peace


JJ Saffa Shows Road Map To Peace

The former National Secretary General of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Jacob Jusu Saffa has said in Freetown that there is no option to peace within the troubled opposition political party.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Global Times over the weekend, the outspoken Politician said the road map to peace in the opposition political party can be found in the PPRC and Dr. Peter Tucker’s reports. Both reports, Mr. Saffa said “are the best frame work for peace in the SLPP”.

The political strategist and development expert said as per the PPRC recommendation, a ten man committee comprising of five representatives each from the Petitioners and the National Executive with PPRC, Campaign for Unity (CUT) and two moral guarantors as mediators must be considered as a viable road map for everlasting peace in the party.

He said the ten man committee must be given time to sit down and develop a draft peace plan which will be submitted to the National Executive Council NEC for ratification.

Mr. Saffa said the committee should address or discuss all the concerns of the aggrieved parties and put in place monitoring mechanism with a clear role as defined by all stakeholders.

He said once concluded the draft peace plan should then be disseminated and articulated by stakeholders.

The former scribe declined to comment on the role of the expelled Ambassador Alie Bangura. “I don’t want to comment on him as an individual. I am talking about a group of petitioners. The SLPP would always find a way around it if people are sincere about the peace process”.

Concluding, Mr. Saffa called on all sides particularly social media commentators to cease attack on all personalities and chose the path to peace. “We have nothing to lose by making peace but everything to lose by engaging in war of words” said Mr. Saffa.

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