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JOB Accused Of Double Standards


JOB Accused Of Double Standards

The opposition SLPP 2012 running mate, Dr. Kadi Sesay has accused the former National Chairman and Leader, John Oponjo Benjamin of double standards.
Mr. Benjamin said in a newspaper interview yesterday that the blame for the defeat of the SLPP in the 2012 Presidential election should be laid on the choice of running mate. That claim Dr. Sesay referred to as “classical display of double standards” as he, Mr. Benjamin is on record to have said the elections were rigged.
Speaking to Global Times in an exclusive interview yesterday, Dr. Sesay noted the contradiction in the former National Chairman’s statement. She recalled that Mr. Benjamin openly criticized the conduct of the 2012 elections as not being free, fair and credible for which he led the SLPP to court to seek redress after the elections results were announced.
“It’s a pity that the same man who told the whole world that the elections results were doctored by The National Electoral Commission is now saying something different altogether”, the former running mate said.
Dr. Sesay also described as ‘disingenuous and preposterous the former Chairman’s claim that the 2012 flagbearer, Brig. Rtd. Bio rejected Alhaji Osman Kamara otherwise known as Usu Boie and handpicked her much against the advice of stakeholders. She stressed that Brig. Bio followed due process by consulting with stakeholders including Mr. Benjamin himself as Chairman. “ I know as much as Mr. Benjamin does that everything Brig. Rtd. Bio did in that respect was within constitutional limit”, the former University lecturer said, adding that the constitution gives the flagbearer the authority to choose running mate after due consultation.
Explaining further, Dr. Sesay said following his defeat in the flagbearer contest; Usu Boie was bitter with people like Mr. Benjamin to the extent that he decided to quit the SLPP.
In tomorrow’s edition, Dr. Kadi Sesay will be speaking on the division within the SLPP and the way forward. Stay Tuned!!!!

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