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Journalist To Drag SLFA To Court


Journalist To Drag SLFA To Court

Concord Times ace sports reporter, Sahr Morris Jr. is planning to drag the entire Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) executive to court for false allegations and defamation of character.

In his letter of reply addressed to the SLFA Secretary General, the two time Independent Media Commission (IMC) award winner warned the SLFA to withdraw their baseless allegation against him that he implicated the name of the World and Africa governing bodies, FIFA and CAF and also the Sierra Leone government in electoral fraud.

His letter reads: “You are hereby warned that if you do not withdraw your baseless allegation that I implicated the name of the FIFA, CAF and the Government in electoral fraud I will be left with no option but to drag the entire SLFA executive to court for defamation of character as it is in my humble opinion that you could not have sent me such a letter without the consent of the entire executive of SLFA.”

The SLFA in their February 6, 2014 letter addressed to the sports journalist stated that he published in both Concord Times and News Watch newspapers a defamatory article against the SLFA President, Isha Johansen claiming that the article was an attempt to bring her reputation down.

However, the Publisher of News Watch Newspaper, Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai has cleared the air that Sahr Morris Jr. never wrote the article that was published in his newspaper contrary to the claims made by the SLFA against the young sports journalist.

Mr. Abdulai posted on a popular social media forum on Face Book; ‘Salone Footballers, where are they now?’ and his post reads: “John Konteh, I am traveling and only seen your comments now. I don’t want bitter exchanges between us and same goes to Chris Kamara for obvious reasons. I am a bit surprised that you are uttering these words and as a journalist, I am the Publisher of  NewsWatch, both online and print copy. I see most controversial stories before they are published and I have to be cork sure the story is true before a nudge is given. That is because of my legal background. If the story cannot be verified then I have to apply my legal mind to ask if it is in the public interest to publish or not. If it is, I will publish. If not, then I will have no defense and will not publish. I have also been a journalist since 1997, when I just left sixth form. I have mastered the art of journalism and love doing it no matter what I do now. My editor is a journalist of over thirty years standing and we discussed this article and ensued it was beyond reproach. My dear John, I won’t bother to go into the issues of blogging or not: I will touch on issues of journalist’s ethics and sources. You were not in this meeting and I am sure you won’t be so sure of what was said or not. I have ignored the letter from Swaray, because NewsWatch was only copied. Sahr Morris did not write the article in NewsWatch. I have no reason to thrive on controversy, I am well content and NewsWatch is created to portray my professionalism. SLFA is secondary matter or back burner issue for me. I don’t sleep thinking ‘I want SLFA fail or progress. My love for football remains with my support to Old Edwardians and Luawa FC. I will kneel down and pray that SLFA does go to court on this and then I will shock you with a recording of Isha’s utterances. ‘Take am easy broda’.”

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