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Journalists Visit US$20M Kissy Industry Site


Journalists Visit US$20M Kissy Industry Site

Print and broadcast media practitioners were yesterday taken on a conducted tour of the US$20m (Twenty Million US Dollars) Kissy Industry and Trading Company project site at Kissy Dockyard in Freetown.

A spokesman for the project, Engineer John Bosco Kaikai informed newsmen that the decision by the High Court to stall the project was regrettable.

Ing. Kaikai noted that, the suspension of work on the site has adversely affected the livelihood of several people especially hundreds of casual workers employed by the company.

He noted that this project, when completed will create thousands of jobs for many Sierra Leoneans. Ing. Kaikai is the Vice President of the Institution of Engineers and also a Fellow of the same professional body.

He said that the project started in March 2018 and is expected to be completed and put into operations in March next year. At the project site, five different factories are expected to be built.

According to Ing. Kaikai, all the raw materials needed for operating the five different factories will be sourced locally. “This will create wealth for our people”, he said.

The Managing Director of Kissy Industry and Trading Company, Mohamed Dagher explained the benefits that are expected to be derived from this project when it is completed.

He said that with the completion of this project, Sierra Leoneans will have the opportunity to buy the finished products at affordable prices. “This will reduce the burden on government in terms of importing raw materials to the country using huge sums of foreign exchange”, he said.

Mr. Dagher described his company as environmental friendly and called on the Judiciary to determine this matter in the interest of the country and its people.

The Project Coordinator, Rajesh Lad described the project as “huge”. He said such an investment should be protected by the Government and People of Sierra Leone at all costs.

Kissy Industry and Trading Company acquired only twelve acres of empty land from the Oil Refinery forty four acres of land through a leasehold arrangement concluded with the Government of Sierra Leone.


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