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Kenema Mayor Blasts APC Leader


Kenema Mayor Blasts APC Leader

The Mayor of Kenema City, Joseph Kaifala has described as shameless, unfortunate and absurd a statement attributed to the APC Deputy Majority Leader, Hon. Hassan Sheriff by a local newspaper.

Hon. Sheriff is quoted by the New Vision Newspaper to have said that the ruling APC government moved development projects away from the Eastern City because MPs from the district and the Mayor of Kenema were not cooperating with the APC government.

The Mayor of Kenema  City, Joseph Kaifala

The Mayor of Kenema City, Joseph Kaifala

Speaking to Global Times from Kenema yesterday, Mayor Kaifala said he considered the Deputy Majority Leader’s statement about Kenema very provocative and insulting to the  people of the district who, he said have been deliberately deprived of badly needed development under the Ernest Bai Koroma regime.

Mayor Kaifala said claims by the APC MP that the district stakeholders have been taking different positions each time a development project was taken to the district as a shameless excuse and one that is lacking in substance.

“We were all elected by our people to facilitate development to our communities as part of our core function. So by claiming that we took different positions in the face of development is untrue and a shameless excuse”, Mayor Kaifala said

Kenema City is probably the most neglected city in Sierra Leone. The city’s state of disrepair has become a major embarrassment for the Ernest Bai Koroma’s government which pride itself as the modern day builder of Sierra Leone.


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