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KKY In Classroom Politics


KKY In Classroom Politics

By S. U. Thoronka.

Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella the indecisive and supposedly flag bearer aspirant for both the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and a proposed coalition that is yet in its embryonic stage waiting for maturity and naming ceremony, publicly told Sierra Leoneans that he had never voted in his life.

But he has now engaged in an elitist politics in the form of classroom lecturer telling the audience about his international connections, his almost twenty years engagement with the United Nations and academic background as if no Sierra Leonean has ever reached that peak.

Disappointingly, he could not tell his audience what he has personally done for his local community talk less about the country since his days with the NPRC Military regime to date. Instead, he continues to raise the hopes of his audience as if he has the solution to all the problems affecting the country by even condemning the good works of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

He deliberately failed in his desperation for power that if he is fortunate by stroke of luck to become President of this Republic he is going to work with people of different characters and diverse cultural backgrounds. Except that he has a hidden agenda to nominate his Cabinet and other senior government functionaries from another planet.

KKY is using youth unemployment as a campaign tool when he cannot even ascertain the number of graduates that have prepared themselves for the job market. So how sure is KKY that there is unemployment when the state needs more doctors, engineers, accountants, nurses and skilled workers. A lot of the youth population KKY is referring to as unemployed are unemployable this was manifested during the establishment of both the African Minerals and London Mining Company when skilled workers were imported from other countries.

If KKY is so popular, rich and more educated than any other aspirant as he would want his followers to believe, why can’t he quit from the SLPP and singlehandedly form his own political party. But instead he has suspended his flag bearer ship intention in the SLPP and advocating for partnership with other political parties.

This could be interpreted by any sober minded person as an act of cowardice because he cannot stand on his own leg. He tried to make himself popular in the SLPP but because of pomposity and bigotry he has now become a political laughing stock culminating to self suspension while his popularity now hangs on a pendulum. Where was KKY when the NPRC imported the 6-3-3-4 system of education from Ghana which marked the genesis of low standards in the country?

I am by no means a political analyst, but by virtue of my practical political experience (QBE) since 1972 when I started exercising my franchise I think I am in a better position to make some analysis.

Say what you may, the SLPP party of today is synonymous with Maada Bio; he is the most popular flag bearer aspirant in the South-Eastern region of the country where the party seemed to have a comfortable majority. Perhaps, Maada Bio might not be as highly connected as KKY is, but apparently, the former has once been Head of State under whose leadership the latter worked as a subordinate.

While KKY would boast of elite support in the SLPP party, Maada Bio has a blend of both elites and the grassroots support that are undoubtedly in the majority.

Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella has never voted in any national election in this country meaning that he did not belong to a political party until quite recently, while Maada Bio has been a member of the SLPP, one of the oldest political parties in the Sub-region since 2005.

While KKY who is more of a lecturer than a politician was wining and dining with foreign personalities off the shores of Sierra Leone, Maada Bio was busy interacting with his compatriots in every nook and cranny of the country enduring the rigors of African politics through thick and thin.

What KKY and his cohorts don’t seem to understand up until now is that, party politics in Sierra Leone does not exist on patrilineal connection any longer otherwise Charles Francis Margai would have headed the SLPP long before now. Therefore, if the intention of forming a coalition of political parties according to rumours is to eliminate the two oldest political parties, then it would definitely be an effort in futility.

Experience has taught us that no coalition in politics can stand the test of time the reason being that, it only serves an emergency purpose but not a solution to a political problem. However, the political contest for State House in Sierra Leone according to pundits would be keenly contested between the SLPP and APC and that no coalition would endure the intense heat in the kitchen come 2018.

Mark my word!


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