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Konos Welcome VP Sumana


Konos Welcome VP Sumana

By Minkailu Turay…………….
The Vice President Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana past weekend received a rousy welcome in both Kaiyima and Yomandu Towns in his native Sandor Chiefdom, Kono District where he visited to graciously thank his people for their tremendous effort towards the fight against Ebola. In Kaiyima, the welcome party for the Vice President was described as unprecedented in the history of the township.
In his statement, the Paramount Chief of Sandor Chiefdom, S. A.T. Fasuluku Sunsiama III asked the V.P. to join him in welcoming the other visitors since he (VP) is a native of the chiefdom. The Paramount Chief apologized for any embarrassment since the notice given to him for the visit was too short.
Talking about Ebola in his Chiefdom, P.C. Sunsiama recalled that only four cases were identified in his Chiefdom. He thanked Government and its international partners for the construction of the Community Care Centre (CCC) in Sandor, which has helped greatly in the treatment of other ailments like Malaria and TB.
He appealed to V.P. Sumana to resolve the boundary despute between Sandor and two other chiefdoms: Neini and Neya. Whilst thanking WHO, UNICEF and other partners, the Chief prayed for a President of Sierra Leone to come from Sandor Chiefdom in the shortest possible time.
Chairman of the Kono District Council, Richard Konninga said Kono District is about to be lit up noting that everything is now ready and that it is just a matter of giving the switch to their son to press it on.
Chairman Konninga further encouraged all Konos to bury the proverbial hatchet and team up to usher in development in the district adding that a sitting President from Kono will do just that.
In his speech, VP Sam Sumana thanked his people for coming out in their numbers to welcome him and his entourage. He lamented how the Ebola epidemic has disrupted education, agriculture, mining activities and even the cultural practices of the people.
VP Sumana spoke of the about the old-age boundary dispute between Sandor and Neini Chiefdoms and expressed the hope to resolve the issue just like the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is using his wise leadership to end the Ebola scourge in Sierra Leone.
Among the VP’s entourage were the APC Deputy National Organising Secretary, Tamba R. Sandy, Dr. Mohamed Foh, Dr. David Tam Baryoh, Minister Harriet Sia Turay, Mayor Lamina of Koidu City Council, PC Kono Bundor and many other prominent Chiefs in the Kono district.

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