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Lakka Ebola Patients Decry Condition


Lakka Ebola Patients Decry Condition

By Abdul K Turay……………..
Lakka hospital which is one of the treatment centers set up across the western area to fight against the deadly Ebola epidemic is in a deplorable condition for Ebola affected patients currently receiving treatment there.
According to credible reports, hospital staff can no longer cope with the overwhelming situation of Ebola patients receiving treatment at the center. The situation according to a medical staff is overwhelming as the number of Ebola patients continue to increase at the center.
The report reveals that most of the patients are left sprawled on the bare floor without any attention given to them by the nurses for fear of contracting the disease. Patients could be seen dehydrated and vomiting all over the place. The situation is not helped by the sight of blood and other body fluids oozing from parts of the patients.
This situation at the hospital has to do with the increasing rate of Ebola infections in the western area and the lack of requisite and essential medical supplies and medical staff.
An old woman who has lost two children from Ebola virus told Global Times that the condition in the hospital is a nightmare and a great pain to see a beloved one suffering without care. She said her daughter had been lying on the bare floor for days without assistance. The death rate at the center is so alarming that relatives whose love ones are receiving treatment at the center are calling on the authorities to improve the deteriorating situation at the hospital.

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