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Le 100 Million Bail For Fraudster


Le 100 Million Bail For Fraudster

By Jane B. Mansaray………..
Magistrate Komba Kamanda of court No.2 yesterday slammed one hundred million Leones bail on one Ibrahim Bangura for forging ten thousand Leones of the Sierra Leone currency notes knowing same to be false.
The accused was arraigned before court on thirteen counts charge of conspiracy to defraud contrary to law, forgery contrary to section 2(1) (c) of the forgery Act 1913, uttering counterfeit contrary to section 6(1) of the coinage offence Act of 1965, possession of forged bank notes contrary to section 13(1) of cap 37 as amended by section 5 of Act No.6 of 1981 and other related count charges contrary to the same act and section.
Particulars of offence stated that the accused was on the 2 September, 2014 at Sillah Street in Bo, southern province in the judicial district of Sierra Leone found with intent to defraud, conspired together with other persons unknown to defraud by presenting a counterfeit ten thousand Leones notes knowing same to be counterfeit.
The accused was also found in possession of ten thousand Leones note with serial No. BL 789699 reasonably to have been counterfeit. On the other count the accused was on the same date at Dr. Muana Drive in Bo found in possession of ten thousand Leones knowingly intending to resemble and pass as special papers such as are provided and used for making Leones currency. Various forged notes of uttering counterfeit Leon’s currency with different serial numbers CM.709001, DD.332410, DC.362574, DD.018701 and others reasonably suspected to have been counterfeit was found in possession of the accused persons.
Police prosecutor 922 Dumbuya J is prosecuting the matter while the accused was represented by lawyer E.T.Koroma. After several applications for bail, the accused was finally considered for bail in the sum of one hundred Million Leones and two sureties to be approved by the acting Master and Registrar. The matter was adjourned to the 10th November 2014.

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