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Leadway Generates US$5.1M For Gov’t


Leadway Generates US$5.1M For Gov’t

By Lansana Fofanah.

Ever since his company was awarded the contract by the Government as the sole exporter of Timbers from Sierra Leone after the lifting of the temporal ban, the Chief Executive Officer of Leadway Trading Company SL, Babadi Kamara has been working towards transparency and accountability by informing the public about developments and how the trade is carried out.

On Friday, 19th October, Mr. Kamara briefed members of the press that the sum of Five Million, One Hundred and Thirty Thousand, and One Hundred United States dollars in total has so far been deposited into the Consolidated Revenue Fund account at the Bank of Sierra Leone by his company from the one thousand, seven hundred and seventy containers exported.

Addressing journalists at his Adelaide Street Office in Freetown, the Timber magnate said that, government through the National Revenue Authority, now receives the sum of two thousand five hundred United States Dollars per container and the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars for each container for reforestation.

“In total, Leadway Trading Company is paying $2,850 per container contrary to the one thousand five hundred dollars government used to get before now. I did not call the press here to market me or my company but rather for the public to know that I have the mandate to inform them about what is happening as this government operates on transparency and accountability. We should not just be doing things for our pockets but for the good of all. My company is open to any auditing firm or medium for enquiries,” he said.

Highlighting some constrains, Mr. Kamara said that certain places in the provinces have not been accessed by drivers because of poor road network but as the weather becomes favorable, it is estimated that the country can be able to export logged timbers for five to six months. He said that

He is in close contact with the with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Sierra Leone Police (SLP) to ensure that no new trees are logged for export purposes and that no one exceeds the limit or mandate of the trade.

Giving concerns over climate change and the environment, Mr. Kamara appealed to government and relevant authorities to implement the monies meant for the reforestation as that exists solely for that purpose.


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