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Lebanese Community In Disarray


Lebanese Community In Disarray

Following the election last Sunday of Samir Hassanyeh and his seventeen-member committee, there have been at least three resignations from the newly elected Sierra Leone Lebanese Community Committee.

The three committee members that have so far resigned are Emad Khoury, Martin E. Michael and Adnan Nassim. No reason was given for their resignation.

The newly elected President, Samir Hassanyeh has had his authority completely undermined by these resignations.

By the look of things, Mr. Hassanyeh is in office but lacks the authority to govern. He is surrounded by some of his bitterest enemies in the committee.

Some of his key supporters like Basseem Mohamed, Hisham Mackie, B.M. Kodami and Martin Michael are no longer in the committee. This has, to a large extent, weakened Mr. Hassanyeh’s authority and it is likely that he might not last long in the office of President.

What happens if Mr. Hassanyeh decides to resign now? Any further resignation from the committee will lead to chaos within the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Hassanyeh has addressed members of the community and assured them that he would not accept the three resignations from the committee.

Investigations continue


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