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Letter To The Editor


Letter To The Editor

Dear Mr. Editor,
Spotlight On SLRA DG
The embattled Director General of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), Mrs. Memuna Kumba Jalloh (Nee Bundu Kamara) has been heavily criticized by some members of the public over her own style of awarding road contracts to contractors.
An independent investigation mounted by this writer has shown that numerous road contracts were awarded to some hand-picked and die-hard APC fly-by-night contractors without going through any form of competitive bidding process.
What has however created mixed emotions of fear and doubt in the minds of many people in the engineering field is that quite apart from the fact that the contracts did not go through any formal competitive bidding process, all the contracts in question were awarded on political parties affiliation basis with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Director General of SLRA and the contractors on the pretext that these hand-picked contractors have the capacity to pre- finance the contracts.
A professional Architect, who spoke to this medium anonymously, described the SLRA DG’s action of awarding contracts to contractors on an MOU basis as very unprofessional and a blatant display of incompetence on her part.
The hand-picked contractors include Mohamed Gento Kamara (a major financier of the APC party and a former friend of VP Samuel Sam Sumana) originally of FIMET BETON VILLA which has now metamorphosed into GENTO GROUP OF COMPANIES, Alimu Sanu Barrie of PAVIFORT Company whose payment recently of Le9.7 Billion by the Bank of Sierra Leone led to the dismissal of three senior officials at the Central Bank and Sean Papa Chendeka of SECON Company.
The contract to construct the roads within the entire township of Waterloo and the trunk road from Songo Junction to Moyamba was awarded to Gento Group of Companies on an MOU with the hope of him pre-financing it. But up to the time of writing this article, little or nothing has so far been done on these roads. The contract for the construction of Hill Cut Road, Kingharma Road and Jomu Kenyatta Road were also awarded to the above named company and these roads are still very far away from nearing completion.
The contract to do the entire township of Kabala in the North, Kabala to Krubola and Kono in the East of the country which is over two hundred kilometres was awarded to Alimu Sanu Barrie and his PAVIFORT Company on an MOU basis with the hope of pre-financing it. Even though he was one of the main financiers of the APC party in Koinadugu district, Alimu is now seen shamelessly running behind some senior SLPP officials.
Sean Papa Chendeka’s SECON Company was awarded a contract on an MOU basis to do the entire WestWest of Freetown, the roads from Mano Junction through Tongo fields to Kono. Work on most of these roads is yet to kick-off.
In a related development, it has been confirmed that one Gibrilla Sesay, a former tailor who is the brother of the SLRA DG now holds a senior position at Gento Group of Companies. Meanwhile, reports reaching this medium suggest that the DG of SLRA is lobbying heavily to retain her position even though the new government prefers to have Mr. Kanneh as the new DG. She is pretending to be more SLPP than even the founding fathers like the late Mannah Kpaka and SB Marah.
Kundu Swarray,
Wellington, Freetown.


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