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Letter To The Editor: APC Youths Endorse Morseray Fadika


Letter To The Editor: APC Youths Endorse Morseray Fadika

Since His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma is not constitutionally entitled to run for the Presidency again, we think that the best person to lead our great Party, the APC (All Peoples Congress) Party is Mr. Morseray Fadika (Super).

Having held series of consultative meetings in some parts of the country, with major stakeholders, we have come to the logical conclusion that Mr. Fadika is the most suitable and popular person to lead our Party in the forthcoming elections in 2018. Mr. Fadika is very youthful and very enterprising. He is well known, both locally and international.

His company, African Minerals has created thousands of jobs for the youths of Sierra Leone. Today, no matter what political Party one belongs to African Minerals is providing jobs for all and sundry. Mr. Fadika has an unblemished reputation, both locally and internationally. If we want to retain power in 2018, our best bet is to support Mr. Fadika’s candidature for the post of APC leader and flagbearer.

We have been in constant consultation with the leadership of our great Party and, we have made our position very clear that it is either Mr. Fadika as flagbearer of our Party in 2018 or no APC! Mr. Fadika is the Godfather of APC youths. We will support him all the way to State House in 2018.

Those who love this great Party should put hands together and support the candidature of Mr. Fadika (Super). We the Concerned Youths of APC now call on our Party’s leadership to support the candidature of Mr. Morseray Fadika. We don’t need failed Politicians like Minkailu Mansaray, Dr. Sam Sesay and Dr. Richard Konteh to lead our Party to dooms day. We believe that it is only Mr. Fadika that can win a national election for our Party.

Rumors about Mr. Fadika’s interest in frontline Politics have been making the rounds for some time now. We want to make it a reality by bringing it to light.

We are setting the stage. Very soon, we will embark on a countrywide tour to collect signatures which will prove his popularity.

Because of African Minerals, he may be very popular in the North. The company is constructing an overhead bridge in Lokomasama and a Health Centre in Pepel to be commissioned soon by no less a person than His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma.

We are taking this Moseray Fadika for Flagbearer campaign to the four corners of Sierra Leone.

Morseray Fadika for APC 2017/18!

Long Live APC!

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