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Liberia Supreme Court Decides Today


Liberia Supreme Court Decides Today

By Lansana Fofanah, Monrovia Liberia.

The Supreme Court of Liberia will today decide whether to sustain the temporal “Writ of Prohibition” placed on the National Elections Commission, or over turn its earlier decision which saw NEC halted all preparations for the runoff between the Unity Party Joseph Boakai and the Coalition for Democratic Change; George Weah.

On Thursday, the Court ordered both the Liberty Party (LP) and NEC to submit all legal materials pertinent to their defense. This was done as mandated by both parties.

The Court commenced full sitting on the matter on Friday. Charles Walker Brumskine; the Standard Bearer of LP was the first to take the stand to present his case. He told the Court that his case is that of a genuine cause which saw NEC denied legitimate voters the right to vote by omitting their names.


Charles Brumskine said that NEC has ignored the party’s complaint and forging ahead to prepare for the conduct of a runoff when the credibility of the previous one is under questioning.

Counselor Musa Frank Dean, representing NEC says “Their complaints are still allegations. The constitution and statute say how complaints should be disposed of”.

Cllr. Dean said that NEC has up to thirty days to address any electoral complaints which they are currently doing and at the same time working in the ambit of the law by preparing for the runoff.

After listening to both parties, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor says the Court will come up with its judgment today.

The runoff is expected to take place tomorrow. But even if the Court grants NEC to continue, it will not be possible because trainings and preparations were halted a week ago.

As tensions and assertions were flaring in the country, the Chairman of the African Union, Professor Alpha Conde and the Chairman of ECOWAS Faure Gnassingbe arrived to have a meeting with all presidential candidates.

In a joint communique, they admonished the Supreme Court to dispense justice accordingly without fear or favor and at the same time, called on President Sirleaf to desist if any from interfering into the transition and electioneering process.

Charles Brumskine in an interview with BBC Focus on Africa accused President Sirleaf of manipulating the whole process in favor of a candidate

He said that President Sirleaf is treading on a part that can lead the country to war just like what she did in 1985 and her image of war reflects than anyone in the country.

In an emergency press conference held by the Ministry of Information, Minister Eugene Nagbe deemed the allegations as baseless and unfounded one coming from a candidate that continues to be rejected by Liberians.

Mr. Eugene Nagbe said that President Sirleaf won a Senatorial seat in 1985 but refused to work with a regime that was termed as dictatorial.

“Charles Brumskine for the past three elections has been rejected by voters. He is known for his below 10% threshold. He is one of the people that want to plunge this country into disrepute”, he said.

He said that Mr. Brumskine was the legal adviser to the National Patriotic for Liberia (NPFL) and the NPP that destroyed the country.


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