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Maada Bio Vows: “We Can’t Afford To Fail The People”


Maada Bio Vows: “We Can’t Afford To Fail The People”

By: Julius Maada Bio Media and Communications Team……………………………..

As elected SLPP delegates across the country gathered at the SLPP headquarters in Freetown on Tuesday 10th January 2017, to declare their support for the leading SLPP flagbearer aspirant ahead of the Party’s National Delegate Conference in February, Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio has vowed that SLPP cannot afford to fail the nation and he cannot afford to fail the people.

Maada Bio

Maada Bio

Addressing SLPP delegates, National Party Officers, Members of Parliament, Former Ministers, Senior Party Stakeholders, Grassroots members and the Press, Brig. Bio said SLPP is a blessing to the nation and that the SLPP has a moral obligation as it led the country to Independence and out of the civil war so must the party now lead the country out of the current APC austerity.

To loud cheers, Brig. Bio promised SLPP members and supporters that he will provide the quality of leadership that will take the country out of the current predicament. He called on party members to show maturity, compassion and discipline.

As a candidate who has also written and spoken about the need for respect of the party constitution, Brig. Bio condemned the 4th January 2017 meeting held at Miatta Conference Hall describing it as illegal and lacking legitimacy.

Without shying away from the issue, Brig. Bio made it clear that the party only has one National Executive Council body which met on the 17th December 2016 and passed its binding resolutions.

He distanced himself from the 4th January 2017 meeting and stated that all its resolutions are null and void. Brig. Bio also made the distinction that the problem in SLPP is not between Maada Bio versus the Alliance rather it is a set of people who don’t want to respect the elected party officials.

On the issue of Alliance, the grassroots politician stated that while other flagbearer aspirants have formed alliance amongst themselves he made an alliance with the ordinary people because power comes from the people.

A confident Brig. Bio looking forward to the national elections told the jubilant crowd: “I will have to transform my alliance from the SLPP to the rest of the people of Sierra Leone when I shall have won the flagbearership come February”. Brig. Bio also admonished all SLPP members to be law abiding and not to engage in any violence.

The leading SLPP flagbearer aspirant further reaffirmed that he has no personal malice against any member of the Aspirants’ Alliance saying that he considers the members as part of SLPP. In a bid to foster peace and party harmony, Brig. Bio disclosed that he is willing to dialogue with the Alliance to chat the way forward for the party but expressed concern that the Alliance does not have a leader whom he would directly engage. He expressed hope that the dialogue will commence after the pending court case.

As a disciplinarian, Brig. Bio also condemned the recent incident at the law courts leading to the shooting of one of his supporters and thanked the Sierra Leone Police for their intervention.

Brig. Bio warned that he will frown at any supporter who goes to the court to create problems and he expects all his supporters to be law abiding.

The historic event at the SLPP headquarters was climaxed with SLPP Regional Chairmen, Regional Executives,  District Chairpersons, District Executives, Constituency Executives and hundreds of other delegates from the Northern Region, Western Area, Eastern Region and Southern Region all declaring their support for Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada for the SLPP Flagbearer election scheduled for February 2017.


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