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Maada Bio Warns SLPP… Don’t Dump Ebola For Politics


Maada Bio Warns SLPP… Don’t Dump Ebola For Politics

The most popular politician in the opposition SLPP has admonished supporters not to shelve the fight against the deadly Ebola virus for politics.
The 2012 flagbearer who was speaking with Global Times over the weekend from his base in the United Kingdom warned Sierra Leoneans of the grave consequences of politicking in the face of the deadly Ebola outbreak which he said was ravaging the country with reckless abandon.
He said recent data on both the infection and death and the projections by aid agencies were in his word ‘scary’, noting that Sierra Leone stands the risk of becoming a pariah state if serious and urgent steps were not taken to curb the menace.
Maada Bio who visited the country a couple of months ago to assess the situation and to contribute his lot to the Ebola fight lamented the deteriorating health situation since he left the country. He said: “Things are just going from bad to worse, which is not good at all. That is why our primary focus should be on Ebola, not politics, not least when people are dying”.
Mr. Bio singled out contact tracing as a key factor in the fight against the Ebola scourge. He said when done effectively and devoid of politics, contact tracing will produce positive results within record time. The former flagbearer however warned that for effective contact tracing to be done, it should not be turned into an enterprise meant to create jobs for the boys but as an effective mechanism aimed at eradicating the disease.
On the SLPP front, Maada Bio refused to be drawn into making comment on the recent happenings within the party. “I have read quite a few publications on the internet in which my name featured prominently, but I will leave it at that”, he said.
While acknowledging that his detractors are always out to besmear him as a violent man, the former flagbearer called on all manners of SLPP supporters to comport themselves well by adhering to government messages on Ebola. He said by resisting violent temptations, SLPP supporters would have adhered to a key Ebola message, “Don’t touch”.
“When the time comes for politics, we will again prove wrong those who think we are a violent party”, he said.

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