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Magistrate Condemns Prosecutors


Magistrate Condemns Prosecutors

By S. U. Thoronka………….
The no-nonsense Magistrate Serray Wurie of Court # 2 at Pademba Road was categorical when he said in no uncertain terms that he had noticed for the past two weeks or more that during court proceedings, Prosecutors were in the habit of informing the court that formal witnesses who were supposed to give evidence have been posted to Kenema to fight the Ebola outbreak in the country. He said this is becoming a commonality among prosecutors which he considered as a ploy to unnecessarily delay justice. But, he however, promised to investigate the veracity of such information henceforth using the official channel of investigation. He said his comments were based out of his experience not as a Magistrate but as a former State Counsel.
Magistrate Wurie maintained that in dispensing justice one should have the fear of God and that they as Magistrates should be seen to be dispensing justice without fear or favor. He said it is unfair on the part of the law for a formal witness to tender any evidence in court which has been obtained by a different witness. Magistrate Wurie noted that because the layman out there does not understand the way and manner things are manipulated by some prosecutors, the Magistrates are unjustifiably blamed.
Magistrate Wurie made the comments during the trial of an attempted murder involving one Salifu Koroma whose matter was adjourned to the 1st of September 2014 pending committal to the High Court.
The accused person was alleged to have wounded one D/PC 13308 Bangura T A, and was subsequently charged with the offence of grievous bodily harm contrary to Section 18 of the Offences Against The Person Act of 1861.

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