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Magistrate Moody Complains


Magistrate Moody Complains

By Jane B. Mansaray .                                                                    

Principal Magistrate Albert Moody of Freetown Magistrate Court No.1 yesterday frowned at the Sierra Leone Judiciary for failing to change his chair.

This made Magistrate Moody to refuse to preside over matters at open court for lack of proper sitting accommodation for him.

Magistrate Moody in the presence of lawyers, police prosecutor, accused persons and complainant and the public, said he will not preside in open court until and unless the Judiciary changes sagging chair.

According to Magistrate Moody, he had since last year been calling on the Judiciary to change his chair.

Yesterday’s matters were all adjourned for further hearing.

Meanwhile, the Acting Master and Registrar, Stephen Yaya Mansaray has promised to change Magistrate Moody’s chair as soon as today.

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