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Man Jailed For Unlawful Possession


Man Jailed For Unlawful Possession

By Jane B. Mansaray.

Magistrate Abdul Sheriff of Siaka Stevens Street Magistrate Court No. 7 in Freetown yesterday sentenced an accused person, Michael Mohamed Kanneh to a jail term of eighteen months to be served at the Pademba Road Male Correctional Centre or pay a fine of One Million Leones.

The 32-year-old convict was found guilty on a preliminary investigation count charge of possession of small arms without license contrary to law.

According to the particulars of offence, the convict on the 20th September, 2018 at Konti Farm off Kamayama Lumley in Freetown was found in possession of small arms to wit one stun pistol and seven live rounds of ammunition without license.

The convict who pleaded guilty to the offence was arrested on the 28th September, 2018 by Detective Police Constable (DPC) 12057 Kamara B.

2 Accused Remanded

By Josephine K. Tarawaelie

Justice Momoh Jah Stevens of Pademba Road High Court No.1, yesterday remanded two accused persons, Mohamed Musa and Mohamed Sesay at the Male Correctional Centre for conspiracy contrary to law. The two accused persons were charged with two counts.

According to the particulars of offense, Mohamed Musa and Mohamed Sesay on diverse dates between the 10th day of December, 2016 and 12th day of December, 2016 at Freetown conspired together and with others unknown to commit a felony and robbery contrary to Section 23 (2) of the Larceny Act 1916 as repealed and replaced by Section two (2) of the imperial statute (criminal law) adoption (amendment) act No. 16 of 1971

The particulars of offence state that the accused persons on the above date in Freetown being armed with cutlasses robbed Sallieu Sesay, property worth millions of Leones

Count three (3) statement of offense wounding with intent contrary to section 18 of the offences against the person Act 1816. Particulars of offence state that the accused persons on the 12th day of December, 2016 Freetown wounded Sallieu Sesay with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.

According to the witness who happens to be the victim, he recalled the above date when he was on his way home, he was attacked by the accused persons and some other person, he said he was beaten and his goods were stolen and millions of Leones. The witness said he made a report at the New England Ville Police Station where he was issued with a Medical report. He said on the following day he went to the Connaught Hospital for treatment.

Lawyer J.B. Kamara is representing the complainant in the matter, C. Campbell is representing the first accused person and H. Daboh is representing the second accused person. Campbell and H. Daboh applied for bail for the accused persons but Justice Momoh Jah Stevens refused bail because of the seriousness of the matter. Both accused persons were remained in custody.

The matter has been adjourned to the 16th October, 2018 for further hearing.

Police Testifies In Murder Trial

By Fatmata Gbla

Prosecution witness, Detective Sergeant Brewah attached to the Criminal Investigations Department at Adonkia Police Station yesterday testified before Magistrate Abdul Sheriff in an alleged murder case.

According to the witness he said he recognized both accused persons and complainant and recalled 9th September 2018. On that day the witness said one Pa Sorie now deceased and family came to the police station and reported a case of wounding with intent to murder. He said he issued a medical report to the deceased for treatment and examination at Connaught Hospital.

On Tuesday the son of the deceased came to the Police station and told him that the deceased was dead at the outpatient department. Upon receiving that information the witness said they went together with his colleague at the Connaught Hospital and discovered the deceased had died. They carried out an autopsy on the same date and a combined team of detective officers including himself visited the scene of crime at Kobo, Goderich. At the scene of crime the community people gave them an exhibit of cutlass and stone which the accused person used against the deceased. At the scene of crime he said he obtained statement from the accused person.

On the 24nd September 2018 he said he charged the accused person with the offence of murder contrary to law.

The accused, Foday Jusu Yambasu was arraigned on one count of murder contrary to law.

The particulars of offence state that the accused Foday J Yambasu on Sunday 9th September 2018 at Kobo 2 Goderich Freetown allegedly murdered Sorie Kamara.

The matter was adjourned to 15th  October, 2018.

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