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Manso Dumbuya Delays SLPP Convention


Manso Dumbuya Delays SLPP Convention

A damning report prepared by the Committee on Harmonization in the SLPP, has seriously indicted the Regional Chairman for the Western Region, Hon. Manso Dumbuya for allegedly obstructing the conduct of rerun elections in Constituencies 109 and 111.

The report pointed out that, “Failure to resolve issues in the Western Region may provide empirical justification for further litigation, threaten the integrity of the national delegate lists, and delay the party conference”.

The committee headed by Alie Kabba noted further that, “On the overall rerun of elections in the Western Region, we do not accept Regional Chairman Hon. Manso Dumbuya’s report to NEC. We consider his report to be seriously flawed with the grave potential to derail the unity and progress of our party. Specifically, the Western Regional Executive and results of elections in West Urban and West Rural Districts, as presented in the Manso Dumbuya Report, cannot stand. We consider these elections null and void. In a nutshell, the Manso Dumbuya Report is inconsistent with the Committee Report”.

The report further noted that, “Elections held in 109 and 111 were marred by significant irregularities, including voter disenfranchisement, impersonation and fraud as exemplified by the pervasive use of duplicate party membership cards”.

At the last NEC meeting held at the party’s Headquarters, the Chairman of the Committee on Harmonization, Alie Kabba barely managed to read his report.

There are clear indications that the party’s National Delegates’ Conference scheduled for September 15, 16 and 17 in Kenema will not now go ahead as planned.

Meanwhile, the PPRC has received petitions from some senior members of the party, who are calling for things to be done properly before the Delegates’ Conference is held in Kenema next month.

Members of the SLPP Committee On Harmonization include Ernest Ndomahina, Umaru Bond Wurie, Alpha Timbo, Julius Maada Bio and Alie Kabba.

There has been no official reaction from both the SLPP National Secretariat and Manso Dumbuya.

Investigations continue.


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