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Momoh Konte Becomes APC Chairman


Momoh Konte Becomes APC Chairman

The Chairman of NATCOM (National Telecommunications Commission), Momoh Konte has been overwhelmingly elected/endorsed as the Koinadugu District Chairman of the ruling APC Party.

Mr. Konte, who initially did not show any interest in the post, was prevailed upon by his people to take up the job. He has helped greatly in the transformation of Koinadugu district. Out of his personal resources, he built a magnificent Clock Tower in the center of Kabala Town.

In the area of education, Mr. Konte has helped so many students from Koinadugu district to pursue higher education in the university and tertiary institutions.

Mr. Konte has built and handed over a school to the people of Koinadugu district. “We see Mr. Konte as our God-sent savior”, one of the Paramount Chiefs in Koinadugu district told the Global Times yesterday.

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