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“Momoh Konte Is Our Saviour” …Koinadugu Chief Says


“Momoh Konte Is Our Saviour” …Koinadugu Chief Says

By Sylvester Samba.

Residents of Koinadugu district with particular reference to the Paramount Chief of Kalian Chiefdom in the Northern part of the country, P.C Foday Alimamy Umaru Jalloh III has described the All People’s Congress (APC) Kaoinadugu District Chairman, Mr. Momoh Konte who also doubles as the Chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) as a political heavy weight within the party.

Addressing his people during the visit of Mr. Momoh Konte at Alikalia Town on Sunday 28th January, 2018, PC Jalloh III said, Mr. Konte has demonstrated good leadership at both NATCOM and in the APC party.

“During his current leadership as NATCOM Chairman, he has made sure that we have lots of network sites in Koinadugu where many people can now communicate with their family members and loved ones within and outside the country”, The Paramount Chief of Kalian Chiefdom noted.

He further explained that as a man who has demonstrated so much love for his people in Koinadugu, the APC Koinadigu and NATCOM Chairman has done a lot of good things for his people by paying college fees for a good number of students attending the University of Makeni, has constructed markets and schools to name but a few.

In appreciation of the good work of Mr. Konte, Paramount Chief Jalloh III wasted no time in telling his Chiefdom people to support who soever Mr. Konte is supporting. “We will all follow him where ever he wants us to be”, the Paramount Chief assured the APC Koinadugu Chairman.

In response, Mr. Konte promised that he will stop at nothing to continue his good work for his people in that part of the country.

He told the people to embrace peace and unity in Alikalia in the interest of development. “The development of Alikalia is my responsibility…For us to continue and complete our development, I am calling on you all to vote for the APC party”, he said.

Mr. Konte used the opportunity to present all the APC Parliamentary and Local Council candidates to the people to vote in ALL 4 ALL come March 7th, 2018.

On Saturday 27th January, Mr. Konte also promised to give the people of Gbentu in the Falaba District one hundred million Leones for a school project.


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