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Momoh Konte Storms Koinadugu


Momoh Konte Storms Koinadugu

By S. U. Thoronka.

The All People’s Congress APC party Chairman for Koinadugu District, Momoh Konte last week visited certain Chiefdoms and Constituencies in Koinadugu District , a visit he described as the beginning of a sensitization tour of the entire district after the convention in Makeni where Dr. Samura Kamara was selected as the APC Presidential candidate for the March 7th  2018, elections.

The chiefdoms visited include Diang, Neni and Kalian which have a total number of five constituencies namely, 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48. His first port of call was Diang Chiefdom where he and his entourage were welcomed by the Paramount Chief, PC Sheku Magba Koroma 111 and the people of Diang at the Badala Town amidst drumming and singing. In all of the aforementioned places, Momoh Konte visited he sounded very reconciliatory to an extent that he was christened with the biblical name of Moses who took his people to the Promised Land of milk and honey added to “Momoh Connector”.

In his welcome address, PC Sheku Magba Koroma111 said if they could have two of Momoh Kontes, Koinadugu would be transformed into a paradise on earth.

He praised both Momoh Konte for his philanthropic gesture to the needy and the government of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma which he described as a developmentally oriented government that cares for its people. He encouraged his subjects to support the ruling party.

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Momoh Konte in his opening curtsies gave a brief historical background of how his grandfather migrated from Makeni and chose to settle in Diang Chiefdom where his mother was burned. He explained to the people of the three chiefdoms he visited the circumstance that led to the selection of Dr. Samura Kamara as the APC party Presidential aspirant for the forthcoming 2018 elections.

He said it was a unanimous decision the National Advisory Council NAC took which all the flag bearer contenders agreed upon and that the party remains as a single entity devoid of defection. As leadership comes from God, Chairman Konte said he was of the view that Dr. Samura Kamara was chosen by God.

The District Party Chairman Momoh Konte was categorical when admonished the various contestants for elective position for the forthcoming general elections that he has nothing to do with the award of symbols and that the onus lie on the electorate to recommend the popular candidate of their choice the committee for symbols. In response to the request made to Momoh Konte by the people of Diang he promised to build a school for them and project will start very soon.

In each of the three chiefdoms, Momoh Konte visited school children lined up the street to welcome him. He made it a point of duty to admonish the people to be law abiding, adding that they should not intimidate each other in the name of politics as they are all one people who live in the same community. He said they should not allow politics to separate them and encouraged all those that have registered to collect their voter ID cards and vote massively for APC.

He promised in Alikalia that the road to Yiffen connecting the two communities would be rehabilitated even before the end of the year. He donated on behalf of the Kabala District APC Executive one hundred bags of cement and ten bundles of zinc to the people of Alikalia for the construction of a market. He informed the people that the building for the University in Kabala which is under construction would be handed over in two months time and the sum of Le2 billion has been raised for the renovation of the Kabala Secondary School.

At Yiffen in the Neni Chiefdom, Momoh Konte donated 1,250 bags of cement and two tones of iron rod for the completion of the Bagbe River Bridge connecting the chiefdom and Kono District. At Kumala in Kalian Chiefdom Mr. Konte donated 200 bags of cement and 10 bundles of zinc for the construction of a new Court Barri. Although there were a number of defections from the opposition to APC, Mr. Konte assured the people that the time for campaign has not been officially announced by NEC and when that times comes he equally assured that the situation would be different.


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