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Moyamba Vows To Vote APC Out


Moyamba Vows To Vote APC Out

BY Joseph Milton Lebbie.
Moyamba is one of the four districts in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone and bears the credit of being the natal home of the first Prime Minister of this country, Sir Milton Margai and the second Prime Minister, Sir Albert Margai.
The district also prides itself of being the home of the first executive President of Sierra Leone, Siaka Probyn Stevens and also carries the credit of being the first district to have a university, Njala University College.
Moyamba District also has two big mining companies, the Sierra Rutile Mining Company and the Vimetco Bauxite Mining Company.
However, the district has been far behind in terms of development as the roads are very deplorable with no electricity or pipe-borne water supply.

Now the people of Moyamba have said that it is time for them to pay back the APC for the apparent neglect to which the party subjected the district.
In a random interview conducted by the Global Times, the residents stated that they will vote overwhelmingly against the ruling All Peoples Congress for not completing the construction of the Moyamba Junction-Moyamba Road project and the Songo-Moyamba Road project.
The residents noted that the failure of the ruling All Peoples Congress to complete the two road projects and provide electricity and pipe-borne water supply is a clear manifestation of how the party is not treating Moyamba with deserved seriousness.
The Moyamba people also vowed to vote against the ruling All Peoples Congress for its failure to let the two big mining companies, Sierra Rutile Mining Company and Vimetco Bauxite Mining Company give a fair share of proceeds derived for the mining to the people.
The people further expressed their determination to vote against APC for its constant neglect of the Njala University College which is the only pride the district.

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