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Moyamba Water Project Stalled


Moyamba Water Project Stalled

By Joseph Milton Lebbie………………………..

Residents of Moyamba town have expressed grave disappointment over the woeful failure of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) government to complete a Le2.8 Billion pipe-borne water project for the township.

In an interview with Global Times, the residents noted that the stagnation of the water project without any valid reason given by government has left them totally confused and disappointed, furthering that if the APC does not complete that water project before the coming 2018 elections, the party will risk losing many votes in the township.


They also raised concern over the snail pace at which the Moyamba Junction-Moyamba Road construction is going on.

When contacted to respond to the stalled water project, the Moyamba District Council Chairman, Professor Bob Kandeh explained that government is yet to release the second tranch of money, amounting to Le1.4 billion, to complete the pipe-borne water project for the township.

He pointed out that the stagnation of the water project is a source of embarrassment for the council and a big disappointment for the council.

He wondered why government is yet to release the second tranch of money for the project but suggested that the situation could not be unconnected to the financial difficulties government is going through.

Professor Bob Kandeh made it clear that the project bears the potential to make or unmake his political career depending on whether it will be completed before elections.

Speaking on the slow pace of the Moyamba-Junction-Moyamba Road construction project, the Hon. Member of Parliament for Constituency 81, James Alie, who is an Engineer, said he had contacted the contractor, MSF, and he was told that the slow pace of the project was due to financial difficulties which they have started overcoming and that the construction will soon resume full swing.

Mary other elders of the township opined that the APC government is not treating Moyamba with deserved seriousness considering the fact that the party originated from the district.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Water Resources is yet to come out with a public statement to explain to the people of Moyamba Town why the Le2.8billion water project has stalled.


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