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Ms. Blyden’s Manic Publicity Grab


Ms. Blyden’s Manic Publicity Grab

It is hard to take Sylvia Blyden, a chronically deluded self-publicist, seriously. The poor wretch can do anything – anything! – to get her name in newspaper headlines. Often she writes those headlines herself, in her screaming screed called ‘Awareness Times.’ Much of what she does to gain publicity can be dismissed as harmless, if tasteless, banter. Sometimes, however, she crosses the line separating largely private poor taste – in bosses and men principally – from public nuisance, which must be confronted.

Into this latter category falls her recent announcement that she has “successfully” filed a petition against the election of President Julius Maada Bio, who was sworn into office just over a week ago. Her priapic announcement coincided with a petition filed by Samura Kamara (the APC’s failed presidential candidate) and two of the party’s crepuscular characters, Osman Yansanneh and Minkailu Mansaray. They contend that such were the irregularities that marred the elections that Samura Kamara was “deprived of victory”. The petition is written in a routine tired language, was introduced in a furtive manner, and can be easily ignored. The petitioners are clearly not serious, though they doubtless believe they have a point to record.

Ms. Blyden’s energetic self-promotion and stampeding social media presence with all sorts of vile allegations make her case difficult to ignore. Of course, the substantive case that she presents as a petition is so weak and incoherent that it does not merit any discussion.“Whilst I fully recognise H.E. Julius Maada Bio as my President under the Law,” she writes with the coherence of a pole dancer, “I firmly believe that H.E. Julius Maada Bio was NOT duly elected as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone so I have gone to the Supreme Court to ask them to nullify the outcome of the Election, order fresh elections within 90 days of their Order and in the interim 90 days, appoint the Speaker of Parliament as the new Head of State until fresh elections are held.”

She knows, of course, that she is not being serious, that no one takes her seriously, and that all she hopes to achieve is to attract comments like this, and of course insults in the social media universe. Her sordid life has been dominated by such perversity, and intelligent though she doubtless is, she has thrived by making herself into the butt of political jokes. It has paid her well. The massively corrupt and incompetent government of Ernest Bai Koroma even made her a minister of something, only to disgraceful sack her when Koroma felt he no longer needed a court jester. She is now trying to draw the attention of the new government towards her, in the hope that President Bio might see the need of having one. Nice try, Ms. Blyden.

In her frantic clowning, however, Ms. Blyden ought to be reminded of two things. There are laws against incitement, and there are laws against criminal sedition. Those laws do not excuse psychopaths and fools. Lonta!


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