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Mudslide Survivors Get Big Boost


Mudslide Survivors Get Big Boost

By Sylvester Samba.                                                

A group of Chinese nationals from China Green Agriculture Group based in Sierra Leone continues to give more support to survivors of the flooding and mudslide disaster, which struck the country on August 14, 2017 at Mortomeh.

On Sunday 26th August, 2018 hundreds of survivors assembled at Mortomeh where the incident took place and were provided with seed rice to keep their lives going.

Mr. Mike Guo, the head of the group told pressmen that it is obligatory for them to sympathize and show love to the survivors by providing them with such donation.

Mr. Guo also said the donation was done in other to get the survivors back to normal life. The head of China Green Agriculture Group further explained that they feel part of the survivors by providing for them.

“It might not be enough but we hope to do more…We donated rice because rice is what we are specialized in cultivating as a group…We also hope to provide help in other areas of need by the survivors”, Mr. Guo noted.

He called on every individual and organizations to come on board and assist the August 14 survivors adding that the survivors need their help now than ever before as they are still suffering.

Mr. Guo concluded that his group is considering providing learning materials to those going to school as per discussion with the Chief of Mortomeh.

The beneficiaries were full of praise and commendation for the group as they receive their package and called on others to do same.

They also appealed for more support from government and other organizations as they want to rebuild their lives.

The flooding and mudslide of August 14, 2017 killed about three thousand Sierra Leoneans with thousands left homeless especially in Freetown.


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