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NASSIT Takes Journalists To Project Site.


NASSIT Takes Journalists To Project Site.

By Jane B. Mansaray……… .
The National Social Security Insurance Trust (NASSIT) on Friday 24th October 2014 took journalists to Sierra Akker, one of its project sites at Sumbuya village in the Koya Chiefdom.
The Sierra Akker is a poultry farm project established by a Sierra Leonean and supported by the Dutch government. NASSIT thought it fit to partner with the company by investing 30% the equivalent of one Million five hundred thousand United State Dollars to the project (USD1.5m).
Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Akker Mr. Pakai Kamara informed that the project is a Sierra Leone based company that started in London while he was there. He said as a patriotic Sierra Leonean, he thought it fit to establish such a project in Sierra Leone as part of his contribution to national development.
He said based on his initiative, he had cause to discuss with his Dutch partners who took the challenge to send some experts to Sierra Leone to do feasibility studies on the soil and later took the report to Holland . He said he later returned to Sierra Leone to actualize the implementation of the project within a forty acre land situated at Sumbuya the project site.
Mr. Kamara who had earlier informed that Akker is a Dutch name meaning ‘Friends of Funded Africa Dreams’, also noted that the project is designed as a laying farm for fresh eggs and chicken for consumption by the population. He said currently, the farm is producing ten thousand fresh commercial eggs on a daily basis. Mr. Pakai assured the general public that the Sierra Akker farm is a business designed for the market by targeting major up- takes with the aim of frustrating imported and contaminated eggs and chickens in the country.
The project implementation in Sierra Leone he said started with support from the Dutch government with two Million five hundred thousand United States Dollars (USD2.5m) and equipment. The farm currently employs fifty workers both permanent and casual. These are workers recruited from the project operational community. Mr. Pakai encouraged farmers to do business with him by growing more maze for his poultry farm.
He expressed thanks and appreciation to NASSIT for being the first and only institution to partner with Sierra Akker, Sierra Leone Limited.
NASSIT official Mr. Denkeh commended Sierra Akker for the establishment of the project in Sierra Leone. He said as a reputable institution like NASSIT, they thought it fit to subscribe the said amount in order to promote profit and to further enhance a healthy population for a brighter future, with the aim of promoting proper hygiene standards. The project is said to be extended in the sub-region countries in the near future.

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