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Neglected Bridge In Kenema


Neglected Bridge In Kenema

By Joseph Milton Lebbie………………………………..

In Blama, Small Bo Chiefdom, Kenema District, there is an evidently long-neglected railway bridge constructed since colonial days. This clearly dilapidated bridge has now become a death trap for residents of Blama, especially for pupils of the Roman Catholic Boys Primary School and the Saint Joseph Secondary School.

The aged and rickety bridge is linking the two schools to the rest of Blama community, making it a death threat for the school kids, particularly during the rains.

In an interview with Global Times, Councilor Mohamed Rogers of Ward 53 in Blama informed that on several occasions, school kids have stripped and fallen over the bridge into the flooded stream but that people proptly go to their rescue and save them from drowning.

He recalled that recently, the Bursar of the Saint Joseph Secondary School, A. A. Morovia fell over the bridge into the flooding stream and would have drowned long ago had he not been smart and fast to cling on to a tree root till he was rescued by passers-by.

Councilor Rogers continued that he has been drawing the attention of the Kenema District Council to the danger the rotten bridge keeps posing to residents of Blama but that the council is yet to intervene to ensure a reconstruction or rehabilitation of the perilous bridge, recalling that at one time, the Procurement Officer visited the bridge and took a photograph of it but that since then, nothing has been done about the risky bridge.

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