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New AMA Country Director Calls For Government Partnership


New AMA Country Director Calls For Government Partnership

By Lansana Fofanah.

The newly appointed Country Director for the Africa Muslim Agency (AMA), Neghra Nadjib has said that, the Agency is ever willing to spearhead developmental projects; thereby complimenting the efforts of the government in developing the country.

In an exclusive interview with Global Times, Mr. Nadjib said that since 1985 when AMA was established in Sierra Leone, they have been able to boost the life of Sierra Leoneans in terms of health, water, education, sanitation, religious and development.

“I am very much happy about the cordiality between our agency and the government of Sierra Leone. Without cordiality, we would not have succeeded in carrying out our relief projects in the country…We believe that, for every year, the government has a roll-out plan which it is going to target such as health, water, agriculture or education. Our role is to work in partnership with the government to achieve that. For example, if education is going to be the focus of government in 2018, our programs will focus on that to ensure that our impact is felt in that area. The same thing goes for other areas”, he said.

Mr. Nadjib said that, his predecessor Mr. Kemamine Ahmad made tremendous effort in uplifting the status of the agency, and that he is going to continue from where he stopped by providing relief services to Sierra Leoneans.

Mr. Nadjib said that upon his first tour to the interior of the country, he felt so excited to see potential vast areas of agriculture which needs to be utilized.

He said that, he is yet to meet with government officials to discuss developmental programs since the new government is yet to fully operate. He however reiterated his commitment in working with government initiatives. Mr. Nadjib said that, the agency is currently having 547 orphans under their care countrywide.

“We have 547 orphans who are receiving quality education, feeding and proper care. Since government cannot be able to satisfy the need of every citizen, our hope is to compliment the effort of government by giving helping hands to the needless so that, their future will be bright. We also have 5348 pupils in our various sponsored schools”, he added.

Mr. Nadjib; an Algerian national, was recently appointed as the Country Director for AMA during the eve of the just concluded Presidential election.

He has already met with the 165 staff members of the Agency, and expressed his profound happiness towards their relationship.

He replaced Mr. Kemamine Ahmad who was recalled after spending five years and three months in Sierra Leone.


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