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New Mayor Addresses Freetonians


New Mayor Addresses Freetonians

I was privileged to be able to take my oath of office on Friday 11th May, in the presence of the Vice-President, and the Minister of Local Government.  Today, Tuesday 15th May 2018, my colleagues have taken their oaths of office.  With our team now officially in place, we are ready to take up our duties.

I am confident that I speak on behalf of us all, when I say that we look forward to working with our President, H.E. Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, the new Government of Sierra Leone, and all Freetonians in developing Freetown into the great city it has the potential to become.

During my term as Mayor, our focus for Freetown will encompass three themes: Fɔ Wi Kɔmyuniti, Fɔ Wi Progrɛs, Fɔ Wi Fritɔng.

Under these, urgent development needs exist within education, health, solid waste management, housing, revenue mobilisation, private sector development and job creation, skills development, transport, environmental management and urban planning (including markets and street trading).

It is critical that all Freetonians have the opportunity to play their part in the future we want for ourselves and our city; and that these are aligned with the Government’s New Direction Manifesto, and directly complement their efforts.

Accordingly, as Mayor of Freetown, my team and I will lead a citywide consultation exercise which will allow Freetonians and their elected representatives to jointly decide our vision and priorities.  As well as town hall meetings, we will create other channels of communication to allow as many people as possible to participate. Work has already started on the process that will enable this to happen, and we will continue to keep you updated so that you know how, where and when you can take part.

I am profoundly honoured to have been elected to serve as your Mayor.  I am committed to serving with integrity, transparency and enthusiasm as we begin a new chapter in Freetown’s history.

Fɔ Wi Kɔmyuniti, Fɔ Wi Progrɛs , Fɔ Wi Fritɔng


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