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N’fah Conteh’s Wife Is A Mende…And So What?


N’fah Conteh’s Wife Is A Mende…And So What?

By Sorie Fofana.

Since the Chief Electoral Commissioner and Chairman of NEC (National Electoral Commission), Mohamed N’fah Alie Conteh insisted on conducting credible and transparent elections on 7th March, 2018 some APC members and supporters have declared him as Public Enemy Number One. But, N’fah Conteh remains defiantly unruffled!

Some APC media commentators have even openly accused N’fah Conteh of being sympathetic to the SLPP because, his wife is a Mende and she hails from the South/Eastern Region of the country.

When N’fah Conteh arrived in Makeni on Friday 29th September, 2017 to deliver the Keynote Address at the SLAJ AGM, some sections of the media used it as an opportunity to put the NEC boss on the spot. And he did not disappoint any one!

N’fah Conteh is a frank man because he has nothing to hide. He said that no matter what anybody says or writes about him, his main focus remains the conduct of credible and transparent elections on 7th March, 2018. “I won’t allow anyone to distract me…Any time a dog barks and you turn to calm them down, you would not end your journey… Those who accuse me of being incompetent and incapable of conducting free, fair, credible and transparent elections should ask themselves one simple question: Can an incompetent man do the job that N’fah Conteh has done so far?, the NEC Chief asked.

N’fah Conteh told pressman that, each time he reads negative stories in the papers about himself, he gets an extra energy to get on with his job. “I am a man who does not cut and run…I have a job to do and I will continue to give it my best shot with the help of my capable staff,” Mr. Conteh said.

One of the criticisms or suspicion against N’fah Conteh’s neutrality is that, he is married to a Mende wife. “What does the tribe of my spouse have to do with my job?…I have a supportive wife and a supportive family…They have kept me going ever since I got this job… My God is looking after me because He knows that, I am true to my conscience and I intend to preside over a credible and transparent election in March 2018”, N’fah Conteh said.

There are many prominent APC Politicians that are married to South/Easterners especially Mendes.

The President’s wife is a Kono from Kono district in the Eastern Province.

The Foreign Minister’s wife is a Mende from Pujehun in the Southern Province.

Dr. Kaifala Marah’s wife is a Mende from Moyamba in the Southern Province.
N’fah Conteh’s wife is a Mende…And so what?  Let’s leave the man to do his job in peace!


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